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  Administración, Estado del Bienestar y políticas socioeconómicas

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Diálogos jurídicos España-México. Volumen VII

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The book you have in your hands is the...

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  Diálogos jurídicos España-México. Volumen VI

La Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Toluca) y la Universitat Jaume I (Castellón) desde 2006 mantienen el proyecto de publicar libros qu...
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El proceso penal en la encrucijada

César Crisóstomo Barrientos Pellecer, doctor por la Universitat Jaume I de Castellón (España) en 2008 y presidente de la Cámara Penal (Sala de lo...
  PVP: 45,00€
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  Diálogos jurídicos España-México. Volumen V

This fifth volume of Spanish-Mexican Legal Dialogues consolidates the collaborative project between the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón and the ...
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Poderosos pleitos. El señorío de Montesa siglos XVI-XVII

The struggles for power in the estate of the Order of Montesa in the 16th and 17th centuries, both the ones that affected monarchy with the milit...
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  Diálogos jurídicos España-México. IV

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  PVP: 35,00€
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Diálogos jurídicos España-México. III

The researcher and academic collaboration between jurists of Jaume I University of Castellón and the Autonomous University of The State of Mexic...
  PVP: 15,00€
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  Diálogos jurídicos España- México. II

In this occasion, questions about administrative law, constitutional law, and labor law, how are the ways in which private enterprise participate...
  PVP: 15,00€
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El documento electrónico: Aspectos jurídicos, tecnológicos y archivísticos

The authors present a profound analysis about the legal aspects of electronic document, management and preservation from a filing perspective, an...
|   PVP: 24,00€ |   PDF: 10,30€
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  Aspectos jurídicos y económicos del transporte: hacia un transporte más seguro, sostenible y eficiente

The Universitat Jaume I established the International Transport Law Centre (CEDIT) in 2003. The centre has produced various legal reports coverin...
  PVP: 40,00€
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Fuerzas armadas y seguridad pública. Consideraciones en torno al terrorismo y la inmigración

The contribution of different authors, closely linked with the Law world and projects about terrorism and the Army Force, offering us an interdis...
  PVP: 18,00€
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  Tutela procesal frente a hechos de violencia de género

Legislation about defense of gender violence victims usually combines very different aspects of different constitution. This investigation, takin...
|   PVP: 30,00€ |   PDF: 12,90€
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La administración electrónica en España: experiencias y perspectivas de futuro

This book aims to resolve the doubts arising from the new Law on Citizens' Electronic Access to Public Services. It provides useful solutions rel...
|   PVP: 18,00€ |   PDF: 7,75€
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  Diálogos jurídicos España- México

This collaboration between the Universitat Jaume I and the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (Toluca) offers a comparative vision of t...
  PVP: 20,00€
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El régimen de instalación, ampliación y traslado de industrias

The author reports, in a highly topical publication with practical significance, how the regulation of essential operations concerning the freedo...
  PVP: 18,00€
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  Estudios sobre la responsabilidad penal del menor

By taking literature as an ideal order with no space or time boundaries, the author approaches it by attempting to interpret literary facts synth...
  PVP: 30,00€
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Estudios sobre la ley de enjuiciamiento civil y su práctica inicial

To what extent have the year 2000 Civil Procedure Act forecasts been met? This book informs the reader of the real situation in our courts, empha...
  PVP: 15,00€
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  La adquisición de las servidumbres por el transcurso del tiempo

Originality and modernity in this excellently documented work are realised by the lack of studies about the impress of Roman juridical sources an...
  PVP: 14,00€
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La impugnación de la paternidad matrimonial

Investigation about paternity has acquired a great importance in our society. The present work analyses this question from a legal, doctrinal and...
|   PVP: 17,00€ |   PDF: 7,30€
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  Campañas electorales y democracia en España

The existence of free elections is an essential condition to the democratic qualification of a political system. However, elections get its legit...
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El procedimiento contra los estados miembros por incumplimiento del derecho comunitario

An attractive study about the non-fulfilment expedient clearly and logically exposed by means of a wide use of sources both, doctrinal and normat...
|   PVP: 19,00€ |   PDF: 8,20€
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  Le Code des Marchés Publics y el derecho público español

The French Machés Publics constitutes a guide for a best knowledge of the French administrative system and an element to reflect about some of th...
  PVP: 15,00€
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La reforma de la justicia penal

The newest selection of articles of the most prestigious experts in such themes as reformation of the Jury Law, regulation of euthanasia, offence...
  PVP: 24,04€
Further information EXHAUSTED

  La organización de la prevención en la empresa

It represents the first in-depth study after the promulgation of the law about Labour Risks' Prevention in both, national and communal legislatio...
  PVP: 24,00€
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