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  Curso sobre prevención de riesgos laborales

It represents an important effort that incorporates and analyses the most recent contribution about this theme. It constitutes an essential work ...
  PVP: 15,00€
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Business English in the University Classroom

A collection of activities and exercises, with their key at the end of the book, designed for the learning of trade English. It includes current ...
  PVP: 13,22€
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  La ordenación y planificación integrada de los recursos territoriales turísticos

Essential, as much for the students and professors of Tourism like for an important number of professors occupied in the management of the touris...
  PVP: 14,00€
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Problemes de matemàtica discreta

An expected collection of problems, both proposed and solved, adapted to a first year subject of information processing career. It has four areas...
  PVP: 10,00€   PVP: 4,62€
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  Curso de programación en C y C++

Starting from the C language, which is the basis of C++; this text gradually goes deep into the syntax of both languages as well as in programmin...
  PVP: 21,04€
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Notas de teoría del derecho

An essential guide to facilitate the study of Theory of Law. It offers students those interpretation clues to understand and assimilate it. ...
  PVP: 12,00€
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  Introducción a la química orgánica

Students are introduced to the basic concepts of Organic Chemistry. The text is completed with some concrete aspects that allow to prove the grea...
  PVP: 12,00€
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Curso práctico de Microsoft Word 4.0

The practical and didactic perspective makes this work an essential tool to introduce the student in the creation of sophisticated texts by means...
  PVP: 10,22€
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  Química organometálica de los metales de transición

The present work, the first one in Spanish about Organometallic Chemistry, is an actualised translation of the second edition of Organometallic C...
  PVP: 33,00€   PDF: 14,15€
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Lecciones sobre la ley de prevención de riesgos laborales

This reference book about labour risks' prevention is mainly addressed to experts dedicated to health, enterprises, labour unionists, lawyers, an...
  PVP: 9,00€
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  Síntesis orgánica

  PVP: 17,31€
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Until further notice, paper books and merchandising products will only be served within the territory of the Spanish State. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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