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  Guía de duelo transcultural. Pautas de atención psicosocial

A brief theoretical examination of different aspects of the reaction to death, covering issues such as grief and sorrow, the ritualization of the...
  PVP: 12,00€   PDF: 5,15€
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La resiliencia y el duelo en contextos educativos

Are people resilient?, what does a person make after a traumatic situation to be able to be projected into the future and not another? What chara...
  PVP: 18,00€   PDF: 7,75€
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  Cooperación descentralizada pública

Programmes such as Demuca and Municipia have let Councils and City Halls to gather a rich experience in International Cooperation issues and to e...
  PVP: 18,00€   PDF: 0,00€
Further information EXHAUSTED
La cooperación universitaria al desarrollo

The vulnerability of this Latin American country to natural hazards is the object of analysis by specialists, here and there, with the aim of pro...
  PVP: 16,00€   PDF: 6,90€
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  Periodismo y violencia de género: tolerancia cero

The most relevant aspect of this work is the transferring potential of other geographic and scientific settings of the actions, investigations an...
  PVP: 12,00€
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Mediterrània Migrant II

Other formats:   
  PVP: 30,00€
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  Capital, migraciones e identidades

Other formats:   
  PVP: 30,00€
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Profesionales de la psicología ante el desastre

The frequency of catastrophic events, both natural and caused by human action or neglect, highlights the need for research on the various aspects...
  PVP: 16,00€
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  Psicología y desastres: aspectos psicosociales

Which are the behaviors and people's reactions?, Who are the victims in a disaster?, How these situations affect children? How is an emergency ma...
  PVP: 18,00€
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Medios de comunicación y solidaridad: reflexiones entorno a la (des)articulación social

Social networks, social capital, ONG roles, social and cultural influence in communication... all these notions are implemented with the analysis...
  PVP: 14,00€
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  Mediterrània Migrant. Les migracions al País Valencià

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  PVP: 18,00€
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Las causas de la pobreza en el Tercer Mundo

The way we help poor countries is different from the way we help people around us: detecting shortages is not enough responsibility for aid and i...
  PVP: 12,00€   PDF: 5,15€
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  El sistema turístico en Nicaragua

As a result of external globalisation processes, and of internal social, economic and political stabilisation processes, Nicaragua has identified...
  PVP: 20,00€
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Niños y jóvenes en el norte de Nicaragua

Alcohol, other drugs, violence or sexual behaviours are some of the psycho-social and health-related problems affecting Nicaraguan families nowad...
  PVP: 18,00€
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