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  Reflexions sobre l'economia valenciana. II Workshop d'Economia Valenciana

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Los Factores de crecimiento de las empresas de base tecnológica e innovadoras de la Comunidad Valenciana

Companies with high growth potential and innovative technological base are fundamental elements for the progress of an economy, for its positive ...
  PVP: 16,00€   PDF: 6,90€
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  El cambiante mundo de las organizaciones

Experts in sociology and other social sciences, apply in this book, their knowledge to the study of companies and organizations, always changing,...
  PVP: 30,00€   PDF: 12,90€
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El gobierno corporativo como motor de la responsabilidad social corporativa

The concepts of corporate social responsibility and corporate governance are extended and adapted to current regulations and recommendations for ...
  PVP: 15,00€   PDF: 6,45€
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  La memoria anual: información y promoción en la nueva empresa internacional

The annual memories of Spanish businesses with international aspirations follow parameters that deserve a detailed study, and that the authors of...
  PVP: 12,00€
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La logistica via marítima del sector cerámico español

The authors do an analisis practical, based on cigras, of the implications that will have the Llibro White on the European politics of transporta...
  PVP: 15,00€
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  La economia regional en el marco de la nueva economía

The works of investigation that contains the book treat brilliantly the large sections on which is based the economia regional: the management of...
  PVP: 38,00€
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Las agencias de publicidad: evolución y posicionamiento futuro

This book discusses and analyses aspects such as the need of a structural change, the importance of strategic planning and new technologies, the ...
  PVP: 11,00€
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  Valor en Riesgo y recursos propios en las entidades bancarias

Banks are immerse in a process of change due to the technologic revolution and to the globalisation of the economic activity. These two factors c...
  PVP: 9,00€
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Planificación territorial y comercialización turística

The analysis of the present tendencies in the tourist production and the study of the demand is essential to approach the elaboration of marketin...
  PVP: 9,02€
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  Ética y ecología

The enterprise world shows with its experiences that respect and environmental improvement can give rise to an active manager, an innovative and ...
  PVP: 9,00€   PDF: 3,90€
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Until further notice, paper books and merchandising products will only be served within the territory of the Spanish State. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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